Creating Competitive Advantage Through Technology Alliances: CIFF Business Enterprises, LLC is the official supplier of “CIFF System Technology” and “CRYPTO LOGICA” a hybrid encryption technology” to prime government contractors and branches of U.S. government. We work closely with senior decision makers at civilian and defense agencies which is the vital component to every marketing and development effort aimed at the federal government.

Our Business: We have established key strategic partnerships with the leadingedge technology companies, industry organizations and government. With our partners we design, market, sell, distribute and support various Joint Venture companies focusing on products development based on products brought in by CIFF Technology Corporation.

 CIFF System- Multi-threaded –Video Image Compression the “Next-Generation Technology”: CIFF System delivers new features and capabilities, necessary to support requirements of global communications systems and at the same time extend life to current platforms, by providing easy transition from the old platforms to the Next-generation Hybrid Systems and Products that require Video Image Compression capabilities. “CIFF System Technology” – comprising of many developed and integrated technologies for video and image delivery.

CIFF System is unique and stands alone, due to CIFF features and capabilities that are unattainable by any other image/video compression technology.

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“CRYPTO LOGICA – Hybrid Encryption System”: CRYPTO LOGICA is a hybrid encryption technology providing the development of a family of new block, hybrid and stream encryption methods, hash authentication and verification, with UNLIMITED key lengths (currently software limited between 256-bit and 4-Gbit), which are significantly faster (several Gbit/s) and more secure than 256-bit AES, according to the results of NIST STS 2.1 tests, linear and differential cryptanalysis, while providing customization capability (building of new methods), and parameter adjustment of already developed methods by users, thus hiding the method even from the inventors.

 The CryptoLogica Algorithms:  Not even the authors of the solution are able to execute attacks on the solutions security. The user autonomy, as well as data safety of the end users is therefore practically absolute. Symmetrical block ciphers of a high speed and large size keys, hybrid solutions, and stream ciphers are developed.  All necessary data used in the algorithms is unified by its type, so that maximum efficiency in the algorithm execution processes is achieved.

 There is no back-door, so, no independent decrypt function can bypass any of the encryption procedures:  In our implementations, we do not allow the memorizing of any key, on any peripheral storage medium, in any form, so that an eventual password loss also means the definite impossibility of further opening of the cryptogram.

 “CRYPTO LOGICA – Hybrid Encryption System” exceptional multilayer architecture, easiness of implementation, execution speed and extreme security, definitely classify CryptoLogica solutions in a class for itself. 

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